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We offer a large range of heavy duty flooring options, trust AKA Cranes Ltd to provide you with the best flooring service around.


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Commercial flooring services from AKA Cranes Ltd of Nottingham

At AKA Crane Hire Ltd we not only offer crane hire but we also provide commercial flooring contracting to businesses in the East Midlands and Nottingham but also can cover the whole of the UK. We offer a range of flooring options including beam and block, precast flooring and concrete slabs to many commercial premises including retirement homes.

AKA Crane Hire Ltd offer:

  • Beam and block

  • Precast beams

  • Precast flooring

  • Concrete floor planks

  • Concrete stairs

  • Concrete slabs

  • Concrete beam fixers

Expert flooring advice in Nottingham

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For experienced and professional crane hire services to suit any building site, call:

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